I’ve moved!

29 05 2009

We took a big step and go me my own domain!

You can find my new musings blog here. I hope you’ll join me there!

Like free things??

27 05 2009

Looks like I failed at the whole ABC’s thing! lol

But, if you like free things, this giveaway might be right up your alley!

ABC’s of Me – M

14 05 2009

*Marvelous Mini Meatloaves – another favorite meal

*Mints – love em

*microwave – where would I be without it?

*Middle of the alphabet (roughly)  – didn’t think it’d be this hard to get this done!

ABC’s of Me – L

13 05 2009

*Lemons – I LOVE them in Sweet Tea

*Lime Chicken Tacos – my favorite recipe

A Great Blog

12 05 2009

Lately, my blog readings have lead me to many nurse’s blogs who are not your typical nurses (I wish I had one of these nurses during my labor with K). One I found, Nursing Birth, is doing an incredibly eye opening series entitled “Don’t Let This Happen To You: The Injustice in Maternity Care.”

Since I did a lot of research in recovering from my c-section and preparing for my VBAC, these stories aren’t that surprising to me. But they do frustrate me and make me sad. While I know there are cases and causes for intervention and repeat cesareans, “making tee time” and “getting home for dinner” just don’t cut it for me (sorry for the bad pun there).

When I read these stories, it ignites the fire in me that screams, “I want to be a doula!” I wish I could be there fighting for these women and their families, showing them, telling them, encouraging them that their bodies can do these things!

..stepping off my soap box…enjoy the reading ;-)

ABC’s of Me – J & K

12 05 2009

I really am not good at this.at.all.


*Jones – our last name

*Joshua – what I’m reading for our Bible study at church

*to: Jillian – I’m a failure


*Keaton – my first son

*Kool-aid – love it, lol

emotional roller coaster

12 05 2009

Note: Much rambling ensues below….

That’s an apt description of the past week for me as B has nursed less and less, and fought me more and more. He is approximately the same age as K was when he stopped (though his was for a much different reason!)

It was very hard with K because I had dreams of nursing him to a year or more. This time, I was lucky we made it to 6 days…6 weeks…6 months! After a HORRIBLE latch, having me leaving the hospital bloody and in much pain, and then 6.5 weeks of battling thrush, and then B wanting to nurse non-stop in the evenings for the first few months of life (K was a non-stop eater all day, and then screamed all night, lol…B had to be FORCED to eat during the day and then wanted to make up for not eating from about 5-11pm).

As he decided to nurse less and less, I started pumping more and more to try to get as much milk as I could for him, but, that dwindled pretty quickly.

As I laid in bed in tears Saturday night because it was after 10pm and I still hadn’t pumped, Zach reminded me what an awesome job I’ve done and how much B & I went through, what a great mommy I was and my status as a mom did not revolve around how long or much I nursed or pumped for my child.

He left the decision in my hands: Throw in the towel, relax and cherish the moments I had with nursing B….or continue to stress over trying to pump every couple hours with a toddler and near-crawling baby, and stressing over how much, or little, I was getting…

I laid in bed for a long time thinking…And even spent most of Sunday and yesterday thinking…

Today, I will pack up the pump and get off the ride.

What a joy and privledge to provide for my sweet boy as long as I did…

for now….turning the page to the next chapter…


10 05 2009

Thank you to everyone who entered the amazing giveaway sponsored by Cara from Bubbles & Bows Boutique!!!! And….

Congrats to WHITNEY

Whitney is one of my bestest friends! I’m so thrilled for her to have won this!!! 😀

Reading List

7 05 2009

I shared way back in March (why does that seem like eons ago?!) what I was reading. You can also see that list down and to the right…

Well, since I am starting my training to become a certified doula, I have a big ol reading list.

So, I went to our libraries website and reserved some books. This is what I currently am reading through –

Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In by Fisher and Ury. This one is to help deal with those pesky doctors who want to intervene so they can make tee time…or get home for breakfast…or whatever ‘better’ thing they have planned.

Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin. This is more for those who have a desire to seek out their CNM license…I don’t but, I still think I’ll find it interesting!

Heart & Hands by Elizabeth Davis. Another one geared toward midwives, but, see above 🙂

Mothering the Mother: How a Doula Can Help You Have a Shorter, Easier, and Healthier Birth by Klaus, Kennell and Klaus. Title says it all 🙂 Mine helped me! 😉

There are a couple on the list that I read in preparing for my VBAC that I can’t wait to read again.

The Birth Partner by Simkin

Birthing From Within: An Extra-Ordinary Guide to Childbirth Preperation by England and Horowitz

The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth by Heidi Goer

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin

Any of the ones I’ve already read, I would HIGHLY recommend to any one pregnant or thinking about trying! It is NEVER too early to think about the birth you desire!

ABC’s of Me – I

7 05 2009

*Ice Skating – I’ve only been once or twice…I hate it…lol

*Ice that is crushed – my favorite!

*Ice on the raods – NOT a fan!

*Icee’s – YUMMY!

*Iguana – a friend and I used to sing the intro to The Lion King like, “Please, mama, bring me an iguana..” Listen to it, you’ll hear it! 😉