Weekend Wrap-Up

28 02 2009

Farrah at Baby Love Slings shared how she was having one of those days…or weeks…or something…I just wanted to reach out & hug her – I think we’ve all felt like that…

Autumn at All About Cloth Diapers shared a fun post on daddies & cloth

Shelia at Momfessions posted about her daughter…(and I could have cut & pasted for K! haha!)

I. Want. This.!!!!! (Thanks to scaron at The voice of Mom)

This almost makes me want to be pregnant again…(almost, lol) (thanks to Karen at Thrifty Mommy)

Kat H at Empowering Birth Blog shared an awesome post on how labor is SUPPOSED to hurt (::me wishing more women realized this::)

…and that’s it for this week…


Weekend Wrap Up

20 02 2009

Early this week because my mom is coming in town! yay!

I decided to goup these by category…for fun 😉

Birth Links


Crystal Paine of Biblical Womanhood shared a great post on being YOUR husbands’ helpmeet

And that was it for the week, not to mention recipes that I won’t post until I try them (not because I had a bad experience…I just want to try them first!) 😉 Have a fabulous weekend and check up on us to see what fun we’re having while my mom is here!

Also, join me Wednesday for a wrap-up of my birth Journey series!

Weekend Wrap Up

17 02 2009

Just a tad late 😉

Crystal at Biblical Womanhood shared an excellent post on being a helpmeet to your husband (as opposed to a carbon copy of Sally down the street!) this was a much needed reminder for me!

Rixa at Stand and Deliver (Formerly, The True Face of Birth) shared about a hospital in Ecuador “reaching” women’s needs during labor

Natural Childbirth reminded why epidurals are risky (I can relate all too well to this post..)

Kathy wrote on her blog (Kathy Peterson’s Blog) some thoughts on Obama

The Feminist Breeder shared what Consumer Reports shared that women who know about natural childbirth have known forever… she also shared some c-section thoughts (ones that I couldn’t agree more about…)

Kathy at Real Women. Real Options. Real Birth. posted an article on overcoming your fear of childbirth.

Need a reason to switch to cloth?? (thanks to Rebecca at Green Baby Guide)

Weekend Wrap up

7 02 2009

As I rest my gimp foot, I will share what I starred this week in my Reader….

Rixa at The True Face of Birth shared some new information on c-sections and rupture.

Pauline at Berry Sweet Picks shared a store that specializes in clothing for ‘big babies’!!! (yay!)

and honestly, other than some recipes that I won’t share until I’ve tried them myself…that was it! Slow week in the starring deapartment, lol 🙂

Weekend Wrap up

26 01 2009

We had a crazy busy weekend where I didn’t get ANYthing done at home, including this. B is going through the growth spurt of the century…so, real quick….

Angie at Auction Add-Ons reminded the importance of contacting our lawmakers about the ‘Feb. 10th’ law being passed re: lead testing for all items for children…

Cate at The Voice of Mom shared 5 great books for preschoolers

Solitary Dancer at Keep It Cheap shared a GREAT meal planning tool

Natural Childbirth shared 5 reasons you need a doula (ahem!!!) 🙂

PushedBirth shared info on complications and c-sections….

Michelle at Her Cup Overfloweth shared a blogroll (sorry to the other bloggers, I’ve not had 5 mins to check yours out yet! I’m coming!!!)

Cate at Nature’s Child Blog shared an alert for Virginians re: midwives

One of my newest, favorite blogs is Cake Wrecks (warning: it can be crass at times, but it is absolutely HYSTERICAL) here is a ‘wreck’ from this past week…(Thank you, Jen)

Kathy at Kathy Peterson’s Blog – her thoughts on Obama…and I couldn’t agree more…She also shared at her birth-blog (Woman to Woman Childbirth Education) anothers’ posts on why she wants to become a midwife

Weekend Wrap-Up

18 01 2009

It’s been a fun week for reads!

mjpuzzlemom at What A Crock! posted this delicious recipe!

Erica at 5 Minutes for Mom shared her American Idol audition story!

Nurse Mommy (at Nurse Mommy) shared what mom’s do all day!

Michelle Sybert at This Little Light O’ Mine shared this eye-opening cartoon.

Pregnant? Want some good reads? Throw out the What To Expect books (PLEASE!!!!) and check out some of these (thanks to pushedbirth) (for the record, I suggest Ina May’s Guide and Birthing from Within….if you care!)

Know someone considering the Gardasil vaccine??? (thanks to Paige at The Baby Dust Diaries)

Lead in something else? Surprise! ::eyerolling:: now it’s being tested in vitamins (thanks to Statia at SafeMama.com)

Rebecca at Green Baby Guide shared 25 ways to green-up your pregnancy (NO we are NOT pregnant!)

A new study came out this week with information on elective c-sections (thanks to Kathy at Woman to Woman Childbirth Education – can you tell I LOVE her blog!) She also shared her sister’s birth story, she had planned a natural birth but did not prepare…

This story on The MomSpeak had me rolling. I’m SO the mom with the kid running everywhere 🙂 (Thanks to Amy Storch)

Carrie at Natural Moms Talk Radio shared this info on microwavable popcorn (of course, I read it no more than 10 minutes after I shoveled down a whole bag on my own…)

Amy at Resourceful Mommy shared this interesting post on saying “Understand?” as opposed to “Okay?” with your children…WHAT a difference it’s made just this week!!!


Natural Childbirth shared this information on a popular induction medication.

Weekend Wrap- Up

11 01 2009

I slacked off last weekend…it was my birthday…

It’s up late this weekend, because Wii got a Wii!!! Wii’ve been playing like crazy…but, here we go! This weeks’ starred items!

Just some things to consider while pregnant, thanks to birthfriend at Birthfriend’s place to ponder.

Ready to throw out all your kids’ new Christmas toys? (or is that just me?) Read this before taking any drastic measures! (Rachel at Small Notebook) She also shares how to beat the Monday’s (or just a bad day in general!)

Are you busy? Kristen of CoolMomPicks shared on The MomSpeak, some great organizers.

My wonderful mommy friend from church, Sylvia, shared some post-Christmas thoughts which apply for year-round!

Autumn at All About Cloth Diapers made understanding cloth diapering easy.

Kathy at Woman to Woman Childbirth Education shared a very interesting birth plan! She always has great things to share: like a ::GASP!!!:: Pitocin free child-birth – is it true?? (note my sarcasm too, PLEASE!) Also – are you a VBAC advocate (or am I the only one ‘crazy’ enough to do such a thing?)

Amy at Resourceful Mommy shared tips on what we’ve been battling for months….

Kathy at Real women. Real options. Real birth. shared some interesting info on ‘natural’ inductions (which just seems like an oxymoron in my mind…) And just to show how weird I am – this made me want to labor all over again…(and yes, I did say, moments after B was born, that I couldn’t wait to do that all over again…)


What were some of your favorite reads this week?