19 01 2009

Nooooo, I’m not getting a job (I don’t ever want to go back to work-work after being a SAHM!!!!)

However, I had Heather ‘tag’ me for an interview!

Here are the questions she asked with my answers.

If you’d like to be interviewed, let me know!


1. How did you meet Zach? Did you know you were going to marry him? We met at an outreach event for the college (church) group we were both attending. I knew when he said “hey” that he was ‘the one’…We spent the last few weeks of summer hanging out and getting to know each other and we kept in touch when I went back to college (he had just graduated) and that December we started dating 🙂
2. How did you come up with your boys’ names? Keaton’s full name is Zachary Keaton. Zachary, obviously taking after daddy 🙂 Keaton, I saw it in a Stampin’ Up catalog and fell in love with it! Benjamin’s middle name is Cai. Zach has loved the name Cai for.ever. I haven’t. I liked it enough to agree to it as a middle name. Benjamin – we both just really liked 🙂
3. If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why? It’s not very exciting, but here in NC or back in TN – we both want to go back there. I think I like NC more than Zach does. NC and TN just feel more like ‘home’ to me.
4. Do you have a favorite memory from growing up? Not really…I know that sounds sad, but I have a lot of memories, just not a favorite.
5. Where do you see yourself and your family in 5 years? Hopefully we’ll be done with seminary by that point (right, Zach???) probably with more kids, lol (I hope!) I see Zach working FT in a church, me continuing to stay home with our boys kids (lol!) and …who knows, maybe working ‘from home’ as a doula?? 🙂 That or bringing in the big bucks blogging, LOL 😉

Thanks Heather!