International Babywearing Week – My pictures

13 11 2008

Steph, at Adventures in Babywearing, has started a post for everyone to share their pictures/stories/thoughts/etc… on babywearing.

Here are some pictures (mostly “self-portraits” so excuse the quality!)

We’d been trying for weeks to figure out the hotsling, then I realized, B could probably sit in it! And he loved it!!!


About a week ago, I did manage to get him to sleep in it! (the first time he didn’t scream while in the hotsling! – I’d also like to add, that I really have no idea how to use it this way! haha!)


B in the Moby style wrap about 3 weeks ago (10 weeks old)


Now a trip down memory lane! Here’s K in the Moby style wrap – June 07 (he’s about 2 months in this picture)


Now for my shameless plug! I hope to be opening up “shop” soon selling this style wrap (maybe some others if my “experiment” works out!) Also, I plan on having burp cloths, matching blankets, taggie blankets, and maybe a couple other things thrown in!

I’ll be calling these wraps “Kendi Wraps”, Kendi is African for The Loved One.

As these details get worked out, you will be updated!