The Journey of My Births, Part 4

11 02 2009

For the past month, I’ve been recounting my first pregnancy. You can read my first 3 parts here.

When I found out that we were pregnant with #2 – we were very shocked and surprised. This was not in *our* plans. We wanted to wait til K was a bit older – older than 7 months! – before ‘trying’ again! After the shock wore off, we were very excited (this took about 12 hours, lol)

I went back to see the OB that delivered K and we sat down to talk about a VBAC. He was all for it – we were thrilled!

We found out around 18 weeks that we were having another boy – we were beyond elated!

About 10 weeks later, at a routine OB appointment, my OB (the same that delivered K) mentioned that B was measuring a bit big and if he continued to do so, we’d just schedule another c-section. I asked about the VBAC and he said there was “no way” I’d push out a baby over 6lbs. I told him then and there I would get a second opinion. He snickered and said OK.

I’d been seeing a chiropractor throughout this pregnancy due to various aches and pains – mostly my sciatic nerve pain. I talked with her about it as well as some ladies in the ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) group I am a part of. I made the decision to switch to a midwifery practice in the area.

I was so thrilled at my first appointment when the midwife informed me that my OB had no idea what I could or couldn’t push out and cutting me off at 6lbs, knowing my first son was 8lbs.9oz., was absurd. She promised me she would do all she could to be certain I got my VBAC – barring any emergencies. She helped me realize that I would be fine with a repeat c-section in an emergency situation, which I was thankful for.

Then, began my search for a doula. I had a playdate with a lady in the ICAN group to talk about her HBAC (Home Birth After Cesarean) and seek encouragement. She informed me that she was a doula and would love to help me in any way, even be our doula. We got along great and it was settled – she would be the one!

About a month before my due date, a friend from church contacted us about being our doula. She was completing her Doula training and needed some ‘observation’ hours. I was hesitant at first, but decided to give it a go.

I met with both doulas to go over my birth plan. Faye (from ICAN) encouraged me to not have the “traditional” birth plans that you find on the internet that can turn into 3 pages of “I would like”‘s, but have 2-3 MUST HAVES and focus on those. For me those must haves were:

1. Avoid a c-section at all costs, barring any emergency, and if there is time, seek a 2nd opinion before agreeing to the c-section

2. Have a completely natural, drug-free birth

As my due date drew near, I was anticipating going “past” my “due date” again, as I did with Keaton. B’s due date was August 16th – imagine my surprise when I woke with contractions at 345am on the 14th!

Join me next week for a recap of my birth story with B!