A Jekyll & Hyde Kind of Day

30 12 2008

I’ll be brutally honest. Today was one of those days when I questioned being a mom.

By 8am, I had had enough screaming for the day.

It ended with K not wanting to eat his cheese quesadilla for dinner. When I say not wanting to eat, I mean head on his tray, screaming with tears pouring down his face, they were pooling on his tray. After 35 minutes, I gave him some pineapple and a berry granola bar. I told my mom that it’s so much easier to stick to my guns and “make” him eat (either at that sitting or later) when Zach is home. When he’s at work (during most meals) I tend to just say “Whatever” and give him something I know he’ll eat to make the screaming stop.

Some sweet spots to the day:

B sleeping in my arms while K napped (I don’t “let” this happen too often, but it was ‘one of those days’)

K came over while B was sitting in my lap, gave him a HUGE, wet kiss on the forehead and a hug (a real hug!) and said, “Lo, B” (I’m thinking ‘Love B’ …he calls Benjamin, B)

Every time K needed a diaper change, he told me and went right to his room and didn’t fight it (huge step, right mamas?)

B & I had a long peek-a-boo session which resulted in him belly laughing for about 30 seconds

And at bed time, K came back to give me 3 more hugs before heading off to bed – I’ll take that any day!

The end result. I wouldn’t give up this job for anything. I can honestly say, tonight when I lay down and think about my day, I’ll remember those kisses and hugs and sweet laughs from my babies…