The Journey of My Births, Part 1

14 01 2009

I have decided to share about my pregnancies, births and ‘after’ births (not THAT kind, lol) of my boys. It has become one of my favorite topics to discuss…

Today, it’ll be my pregnancy & early labor with Keaton.
Next Wednesday, I’ll share my active labor & delivery of Keaton, as well as after thoughts & reflections.
The follow two weeks will be the same, except with Benjamin’s story.

For a ‘warning’, I will be completely candid here, since it is BIRTH 🙂 So, if you don’t want to hear about IT, I suggest skipping these posts 🙂

When we first found out we were pregnant (with Keaton, obviously, not knowing he was a he at that early in the game!) we were stoked to say the least! I enjoyed every moment of my pregnancy (I’m one of those weird people who actually LOVES being pregnant! Both times, I was sad when labor began because I knew I wouldn’t be pregnant much longer). I had occasional aches and pains and my OB suggested I see a chiropractor. I flat out refused. I saw horrible things that chiropractors did on TV and that wasn’t happening to me! I dealt with my aches and pains and just accepted them as part of being pregnant.

When we had our ‘big’ ultrasound to determine gender, as well as to check for any abnormalities, we were both convinced we were having a girl! We had her name all picked out and even would talk to my belly and say, “she” and “her” and “Abi”…she was a she! Imagine our surprise when the ultrasound tech found Keaton’s ‘parts’ and said, “What do you think that is???” I said, “Is that…” She said, “THAT is a BOY!!!!” I cried on the way home thinking that I could NEVER be a boy mom. After about 24 hours, the thought of a boy was AWESOME! (and for the record, I can’t picture having a girl, now! lol)

We attended a childbirth class put on by our hospital. Our plan was to attempt a natural childbirth, but knowing I didn’t get an award when I left for a drug-free birth, the goal was to just get my baby out – somehow.

I had an estimated due date of April 4, 2007.

I had been experiencing Braxton-Hicks contractions for around 10 weeks.

The Thursday before my due date, I woke up and upon my first bathroom visit, I lost my mucous plug. I tried to remind myself that it meant NOTHING!

April 6th – Good Friday. I woke up that morning with bloody show. I called my OB and was told that as long as I wasn’t ‘gushing’ blood, it was fine and he expected to see me that weekend. He wanted to set me up for an induction the next day, but I told him that wasn’t necessary since nothing was medically wrong. Around 4pm, I was at a friend’s house and then I noticed my contractions were 10 mins apart for awhile. I decided to head home and see if taking a shower would stop them. It didn’t stop them, but it did space them out some. Around 930pm, they did officially stop. I was bummed, but glad that I was going to get some sleep.

I fell asleep around 10pm, only to be woken up midnight (Sat. morning) with a very painful contraction. I went downstairs to time them. They were between 8-10 minutes apart. Zach had to work that Saturday morning, so he got up around 6am. My contractions were once again subsiding, so I went to lay down when he left for work.

I woke around 8am with another very sharp contraction. After timing them, I noticed I was back to the 8-10 mins apart pattern.

Zach arrived home around 12noon and that is when my back labor began. It was horrendous. At that point, I was done with being pregnant. Heat wasn’t helping. Showers weren’t helping. Walking wasn’t helping. Being on all fours wasn’t helping. My contractions were sporadic, at best – 5mins apart, 2 mins apart, 12 mins apart, etc….

I continued to labor throughout the day, trying to rest and save up my energy for pushing. We watched about 6 movies, I remember telling a nurse that I took 7 showers that day to ease the back labor.

Zach called the Worship Pastor at our church, since he was supposed to play the next morning to let him know that he wouldn’t be there – baby or not. They were informing us to go to the hospital because her contractions were the same way in labor and then, there were her babies! I didn’t want to be at the hospital until I absolutely needed to be – less intervention.

At 1115pm, I went and got another shower. I got out at 1130pm. I looked at Zach’s watch as I had a contraction. As I dried off and got dressed – another 1135pm. I combed my hair – 1140pm. I headed downstairs to tell Zach that we needed to think about heading to the hospital. I sat down on the couch and had the worst contraction to that point. All I could say was, “NOW…We go NOW!”

We ran around packing last minute items – tooth brush, pillows, etc…and backed out of our parking spot at 12am, Easter Sunday morning to head to the hospital….