International Babywearing Week – What we use

10 11 2008

Let me start by saying, I love wearing my baby!

Keaton hated it. I think in all the times I tried, he fell asleep 2 times (we have pictures of those two times!) I mainly wore him so I wouldn’t feel guilty that he was “alone” screaming (in the swing or where ever…because he screamed all. the. time.) I wore him so I could get things done. I have lots of theories of why he didn’t like it, but I think mostly, he didn’t like being confined.

Benjamin. He loves it. He loves being all snugly in my moby-style wrap and takes great naps in it. Very rarely does he continue to scream after putting him in the wrap.

I also have a hotsling. We’ve been working on getting B comfy in this (ie: me getting comfortable wearing it!) as it will definitely be easier on outings than the nearly 6 yards of fabric of the moby-style wrap! I actually put Keaton in it for a bit today and he loved it! I can’t see him using it on “outings” though – he likes to run free!

I also have a meitei style carrier that a friend made (I stood and observed!) My intent was to use this with Keaton, but that hasn’t happened a whole lot. has a list of 43 reason to wear your baby found here.

Dr. Sears also has a great article on babywearing as well.

Questions? 🙂

Tomorrow: Why not “frame” style carriers (ie: Snugli, Bjorn, etc…)