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12 05 2009

Lately, my blog readings have lead me to many nurse’s blogs who are not your typical nurses (I wish I had one of these nurses during my labor with K). One I found, Nursing Birth, is doing an incredibly eye opening series entitled “Don’t Let This Happen To You: The Injustice in Maternity Care.”

Since I did a lot of research in recovering from my c-section and preparing for my VBAC, these stories aren’t that surprising to me. But they do frustrate me and make me sad. While I know there are cases and causes for intervention and repeat cesareans, “making tee time” and “getting home for dinner” just don’t cut it for me (sorry for the bad pun there).

When I read these stories, it ignites the fire in me that screams, “I want to be a doula!” I wish I could be there fighting for these women and their families, showing them, telling them, encouraging them that their bodies can do these things!

..stepping off my soap box…enjoy the reading ;-)




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