What Are You Reading?

5 03 2009

Carrie asked me awhile back to blog on what I was reading. I was dreading this because I’m notorious for reading about 8 things at once…and never finishing anything!

Currently, I have, once again, a ton of things I’m reading. Here they are, in no particular order… (just the order I think of them, lol)

1. Child Health Guide: Holistic Pediatrics for Parents by Randall Neustaedter, OMD – our chiropractor lent me this when I asked her about some natural remedies for K’s asthma. It has been an amazing book and I will be purchasing it for ourselves with our next book order. I’m not as “crunchy” as some of my friends when it comes to medicine. We do give probitotics daily (and especially when the boys are on antibiotics). I think if K didn’t have asthma, I’d be more willing to go completely holistic. His asthma scares me though. I need to sit down with a holistic health care provider and share my concerns (I’ve been referred to a great one here in Raleigh, I just need to take the plunge) — If any readers have anything to share, PLEASE do!!

2. Because He Loves Me by Elyse Fitzpatrick – I’m reading this for small group. When we joined, they were on chapter 3. I’m still on chapter 1, haha. But the leaders’ had a baby and so the book is ‘on hold’ for a bit 🙂 It is incredible! (heavy, but incredible!) It’s all about keeping your focus on Christ in all that you do – this definitely keeps things in perspective as I’m home with the boys all day and I don’t feel like I’m doing much for the Kingdom.

3. Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood by Dr. William Sears – If you read our family blog, you can tell I haven’t gotten very far in this book, lol 🙂 — I will report more on this as I dive into it more. If it’s anything like his vaccine book, I will love it 🙂

4. The One-Minute Organizer: A to Z Storage Solutions: 500 Tips for Storing Every Item in Your Home by Donna Smallin – I love to organize, but, since having children, it’s fallen by the way side, I’m hoping this book will get me back on track

5. Cleaning Plain & Simple: A ready reference guide with hundreds of sparkling solutions to your everyday cleaning challenges by Donna Smallin – I nannied for a family one summer. The family had 4 kids & one day a week, the mom would take the kids and it was my job to clean the house (a very large, historic home) top to bottom (yes, they paid me very well, lol) The first few weeks, it would take nearly 8 hours as I figured out my plan. By the end of the summer, I would be done by lunch time (getting paid for a full day!) and then I’d drive out and join them for an afternoon of fun on the lake! lol – the mom was very organized in her cleaning (she told me she could get it done in 3-4 hours – I knew I was doing it right when I accomplished that goal, lol) & I strive for that one day in our own home (or … I may just hire some naive college student, LOL!)

6. Teach Them Diligently: How To Use The Scriptures In Child Training by Lou Priolo – The title says it all 🙂 This book came highly recommended in my Counseling Parents & Children class in Seminary and I’m so excited to finally be diving into it to train up our boys in a godly way.

7. I’m also reading from Matthew with a few ladies from my small group. We all have had a hard time lately getting our time in the Word so we all said, Let’s start in Matthew!”…so there we are!

Whew…there you have it! So….What are you reading???


Weekend Wrap Up

20 02 2009

Early this week because my mom is coming in town! yay!

I decided to goup these by category…for fun 😉

Birth Links


Crystal Paine of Biblical Womanhood shared a great post on being YOUR husbands’ helpmeet

And that was it for the week, not to mention recipes that I won’t post until I try them (not because I had a bad experience…I just want to try them first!) 😉 Have a fabulous weekend and check up on us to see what fun we’re having while my mom is here!

Also, join me Wednesday for a wrap-up of my birth Journey series!

All touched out…

19 02 2009

I adore the age difference between my boys (16mos). I really do. K LOVES his little brother. I know there will come a time when our house looks and/or sounds like Fight Club, but, I love that K always has to be near B – holding his hand, hugging him, kissing him, petting his head or just laying next to him. When K wakes up from a nap, he runs to the living room. If B is there, he immediately goes to him, saying “B!!! B!!!!” If he’s not around (ie: napping) he gets very sad, asking, “Where B??”

If I knew then what I know now, we would have planned for B. I know they will drive each other crazy, but will be the best of friends…

However. I’m about to quit today.

B did not want to go to sleep last night. We have this “unspoken” rule between Zach & I – he attends to pre-midnightish needs of the kids (minus breathing treatments – that’s ALL him! lol) and I take anything after that. Around 230 or so, B wanted to nurse (after sleeping for about 20 minutes…after being awake playing and eating for hours before that…) I was way too tired to sit and nurse him, so I just laid in bed and nursed him – I went back to sleep. I woke up at 330ish and he was still nursing. I switched sides and fell back asleep. I woke up at 530 and he was still nursing…

I switched sides again and he just wanted to snuggle, so he was all up in my armpit and whatnot…

This morning, he would only let me hold him in the wrap (he’s usually fine on the floor or the jumperoo – he never has a vocal need to be held all the time – you know, bloody murder screaming…) I finally got him content playing on the floor so I could take care of something – and K wanted to be held…usually a passing 20 second hug is all he wants and he’s off again…but he wanted me to hold him like I’d been holding B all morning.

We eat lunch…I put K down for a nap – he fights it for 30 minutes or so…

He finally goes to sleep…

I’m still working on getting B to sleep…

It takes about 80 minutes to get him to sleep. I let him snooze on my shoulder for a few before putting him in the crib…

The SECOND my hands are off of B…K wakes up screaming…


I let him CIO (cry it out) for a bit because he’ll usually go back to sleep…but his screaming inevitably woke up B…

Now, all three of us are crying…

I’ve had someone touching me for 12 hours now…I do not like to be touched….(I like my nightly back rub from Zach…but, even I ask him to stop after 20 minutes or so…)

I just. need. to. be. alone. Just for 10 minutes…in silence…without someone sucking on me. breathing on me. touching me. hugging me. drooling on me.

A Jekyll & Hyde Kind of Day

30 12 2008

I’ll be brutally honest. Today was one of those days when I questioned being a mom.

By 8am, I had had enough screaming for the day.

It ended with K not wanting to eat his cheese quesadilla for dinner. When I say not wanting to eat, I mean head on his tray, screaming with tears pouring down his face, they were pooling on his tray. After 35 minutes, I gave him some pineapple and a berry granola bar. I told my mom that it’s so much easier to stick to my guns and “make” him eat (either at that sitting or later) when Zach is home. When he’s at work (during most meals) I tend to just say “Whatever” and give him something I know he’ll eat to make the screaming stop.

Some sweet spots to the day:

B sleeping in my arms while K napped (I don’t “let” this happen too often, but it was ‘one of those days’)

K came over while B was sitting in my lap, gave him a HUGE, wet kiss on the forehead and a hug (a real hug!) and said, “Lo, B” (I’m thinking ‘Love B’ …he calls Benjamin, B)

Every time K needed a diaper change, he told me and went right to his room and didn’t fight it (huge step, right mamas?)

B & I had a long peek-a-boo session which resulted in him belly laughing for about 30 seconds

And at bed time, K came back to give me 3 more hugs before heading off to bed – I’ll take that any day!

The end result. I wouldn’t give up this job for anything. I can honestly say, tonight when I lay down and think about my day, I’ll remember those kisses and hugs and sweet laughs from my babies…