ABC’s of Me – M

14 05 2009

*Marvelous Mini Meatloaves – another favorite meal

*Mints – love em

*microwave – where would I be without it?

*Middle of the alphabet (roughly)  – didn’t think it’d be this hard to get this done!


ABC’s of Me – L

13 05 2009

*Lemons – I LOVE them in Sweet Tea

*Lime Chicken Tacos – my favorite recipe

ABC’s of Me – J & K

12 05 2009

I really am not good at


*Jones – our last name

*Joshua – what I’m reading for our Bible study at church

*to: Jillian – I’m a failure


*Keaton – my first son

*Kool-aid – love it, lol

ABC’s of Me – I

7 05 2009

*Ice Skating – I’ve only been once or twice…I hate it…lol

*Ice that is crushed – my favorite!

*Ice on the raods – NOT a fan!

*Icee’s – YUMMY!

*Iguana – a friend and I used to sing the intro to The Lion King like, “Please, mama, bring me an iguana..” Listen to it, you’ll hear it! 😉

ABC’s of Me – G & H

6 05 2009

I’m so not good at this, lol….


*Gummy Bears….one of my favorite treats

*Grease….that movie/musical annoys me

*Green has become my new favorite color


*candy Hearts – YUM!

*Heat – I rather enjoy ‘sweltering’ summers (just not when I’m pregnant, like last summer)

*Handful – I have two boys that definitely are just that

*House – so thankful to finally be in one and not an apartment!!!

ABC’s of Me – F

4 05 2009

*Fish – we do NOT like to eat fish

*Funny – my boys keep me laughing all day

*Fresh Fruit – need I say more? Yum yum!!!!

ABC’s of Me – E

2 05 2009

Did I really skip E???


Let’s see…

*Eggos – or waffles in general 🙂

…I don’t like Eggs

I’m stumped, lol