Rant & Questions

26 03 2009

First off – I shared a lovely experience at a local store the other day on our family blog….pretty entertaining

Secondly – do you like my new background/theme/whatever you want to call it? Is it too dark? WP only gives so many options and I just love this one!

Thirdly – what about the new background for my recipe blog? Wait – you didn’t KNOW I had one!!!! What? lol You should join me over there, esp. on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays – ok, the weekend too! I started a weekly schedule to make sure I ‘commit’ to blogging there (also, I tend to post like 9 recipes in one day and then I don’t go back for a month, lol)

Mondays – a recipe (this could be anything, breakfast, snack, drink, etc…)

Wednesdays – a freezer meal recipe (usually something to make in bulk…)

Fridays – a cooking tip

Weekends – a round up of recipes that I want to try (they will be linked, once I try them, I’ll post them here…)

Thoughts – do you like it all??

OH and I my newe tagline! Keaton turns two in less than 2 weeks 😦 & 🙂 all at the same time! So, I’m testing out the tagline – thoughts?!?!


Coming out of the blogging closet…

23 11 2008

OK, I’ve put off mentioning this long enough! A few weeks ago, I was accepted on to the Busy Mommy blog as the Stay at Home Mommy (SAHM) Topic Editor!

I’ve been having fun coming up with ideas (though hard with a foggy brain some days!) and writing again!

Feel free to check it out!