International Babywearing Week – My pictures

13 11 2008

Steph, at Adventures in Babywearing, has started a post for everyone to share their pictures/stories/thoughts/etc… on babywearing.

Here are some pictures (mostly “self-portraits” so excuse the quality!)

We’d been trying for weeks to figure out the hotsling, then I realized, B could probably sit in it! And he loved it!!!


About a week ago, I did manage to get him to sleep in it! (the first time he didn’t scream while in the hotsling! – I’d also like to add, that I really have no idea how to use it this way! haha!)


B in the Moby style wrap about 3 weeks ago (10 weeks old)


Now a trip down memory lane! Here’s K in the Moby style wrap – June 07 (he’s about 2 months in this picture)


Now for my shameless plug! I hope to be opening up “shop” soon selling this style wrap (maybe some others if my “experiment” works out!) Also, I plan on having burp cloths, matching blankets, taggie blankets, and maybe a couple other things thrown in!

I’ll be calling these wraps “Kendi Wraps”, Kendi is African for The Loved One.

As these details get worked out, you will be updated!




One response

14 11 2008
Heather @ Not a DIY Life

Great pics! I take a lot of self portraits while baby wearing too – I hate asking Hubby to take pictures.

Hope you’ll stop by and see our babywearing pics too. We’re making pizza and babywearing!

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