ABC’s of Me – C

29 04 2009

*Cai – Our second son’s middle name. I hated it when I first heard it. Zach had loved it for years – he got it out of some sci-fi book…I refused to allow that to be the basis of our son’s name. I didn’t want it to be his first name (as I have a thing about the ‘flow’ of first and middle names…) I researched and found out it was Welsh for Rejoice – perfect 🙂

*Chiropractor – I love mine with all that is in me!

*Cesarean Section – how our first son was born.

*Candy – I love it. Too much.

*Chocolate – (yes, this is different from candy, lol) and I love it too much as well

*Container Gardening – I will be starting this next weekend, join me here.




One response

29 04 2009
OBrian Tallent

Container gardening is the best! SO much fun and you get such interesting structures and colors all meshed into one little space.

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