ABC’s of Me! – A

29 04 2009

I found out from Cindy at Fenced In Family Blog that Heart of the Matter was running a fun ‘get to know you’ meme. I was so excited, I had to join in! Basically, each week day between now (now, meaning this past Monday, lol) and May 26th, you share information about you & your family with the corresponding letter…confused? Good, go here to find out more info…and join in!!! (And just so you know, I’m copying Cindy and doing A, B, and C to catch up, lol)

So, a couple days late…

*AIO (All-In-One) cloth diapers – we love these as they help family members and baby sitters with our cloth diapering!

*Alphabetical order – We keep all our DVDs/Videos in alphabetical order…nerds? Yes, you betcha…

*Abi Grace – if we ever have a girl…we’ve got this name picked. We have since we were pregnant with Keaton and we were convinced he was a girl, lol

*Abs – Mine hurt (along with another “a” word!) since starting the 30 Day Shred!

Letter A from Linda Carol Arts Calligraphy Gallery




3 responses

29 04 2009
Cindy @ Fenced in Family

Cool, I love your list. I’m trying to get A B and C posted today, but I’ve only finished A so far. It’s harder than I thought! I guess I should stop trying to think of EVERY word with that letter that will describe me in some way, lol.

29 04 2009

lol, it was hard! I finally just said, “ok, 3-5 things…” I thought “Z” was going to be hard, but then, I remembered, hubby is Zach, lol…easy peasy šŸ˜‰

I look forward to reading the rest of your ABC’s!

3 05 2009

lol….yeh….don’t we need to re-alphabetize our DVDs since we moved (and Keaton helped me put ’em back on their rack)?

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