These are a few of my favorite things….

13 04 2009

I decided to share some of my favorite things. Not just baby/kiddo related, I have some favorite me-things too 🙂

Today, I’ll share my love of cloth diapers and wipes. Ok, so, this might be more than a “love”…obsession may be a better term! 🙂

I think my new favorite diaper are Happy Heinys. We’ve used so many over the past almost year & 1/2, these are definitely taking the cake right now! They work perfectly on my long & lanky 2 year old and on my nearly 23lb chunky 8month old…Two thumbs up here!

My least favorite, by FAR, BumGenuis 3.0…good grief, they annoy me. The velcro tabs never stay on the wash tabs and connect to all the other diapers creating a lovely “train” of diapers”…the inserts, I can never get them in right, they’re always bunchy on one side…

Actually, let me take that back. The VERY last diaper I reach for is our Baby Kanga diaper…ugh…That says it all…




One response

13 04 2009

i too am obsessed…but i really don’t need more right now!

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