10 04 2009

I’ve been horrible in this corner of the world…I have a pitiful excuse though! We’re MOVING!!!!!!!  Praise the Lord! If you follow our family blog, you know that, yes, we moved about 10 months ago, lol…We HAD to get out of our teeny, tiny Seminary apartment (it works for some families, not this one…) We were looking like crazy trying to find a palce to live. Finally about 2 weeks before our lease was to run out, we found our current apartment. A HUGE step up in size, a big step down in living conditions. The apartment itself is AWESOME – it’s actually brand new. We are the very first people to live in it. The community is….well, it’s rough. It’s been a tough 10 months. As our lease begins to run out here, we knew we had to go. Quick. So, we I started searching and came up empty handed every time!

We decided that we wanted to rent. We’re not certain how long we’ll be in the area. Neither of us feel it’ll be long enough to justify buying a house, so renting it is…

And we found it. The perfect house for us for this stage in our lives! I won’t go into detail, if you are interested, you can go here and here.

In the midst of all this chaos, my Sweet Pea, K, turned TWO! Wait….who gave permission for that to happen?!

I promise, after the move, I’ll be back…and better than ever! 😉




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