Separation Anxiety

16 03 2009

I need help, mamas! B (7 months) has a MAJOR case of separation anxiety…I’m talking, if I’m not touching him, he is screaming!

K was NEVER like this. He never wanted to be worn…just wanted to be free to roam (he started rolling at 6 weeks and never stopped…)

B is the complete opposite.

I don’t know what to do. I wear him as much as possibly to “keep him happy” but 22lbs really gets heavy after awhile, no matter how I’m wearing him…

I don’t know if I should cut back on wearing…let him figure out that even though I’m a foot away, it is OK that I’m not touching him…

It’s starting to tick off K too…since I can never hold him too…

ugh…mama’s….help a sister out! lol




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