Weekend Wrap-Up

28 02 2009

Farrah at Baby Love Slings shared how she was having one of those days…or weeks…or something…I just wanted to reach out & hug her – I think we’ve all felt like that…

Autumn at All About Cloth Diapers shared a fun post on daddies & cloth

Shelia at Momfessions posted about her daughter…(and I could have cut & pasted for K! haha!)

I. Want. This.!!!!! (Thanks to scaron at The voice of Mom)

This almost makes me want to be pregnant again…(almost, lol) (thanks to Karen at Thrifty Mommy)

Kat H at Empowering Birth Blog shared an awesome post on how labor is SUPPOSED to hurt (::me wishing more women realized this::)

…and that’s it for this week…




2 responses

28 02 2009

daddies and cloth made me giggle!

1 03 2009

Thanks for the shout-out! And I will take your cyber-hug anyday!!

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