Babies, Babies Everywhere!

20 02 2009

Babies around me seem to come in waves…the tide is rolling in right now!

Our Small Group leaders had their sweet baby boy at the beginning of the week.

One of my room mates from college had her sweet boy yesterday afternoon.

One of my best friends is due in just 3 days! This baby is a surprise…I say boy, everyone seems to think girl…I’m waiting on pins and needles for that phone call!

Another sweet friend is due with her sweet girl middle of next month!

Not to mention the almost daily sounds of “Guess what?!” from friends! It’s amazing! I am so thankful to God for these precious bundles of joy!!! What a miracle! Unfortunately, 3 of the 4 I just mentioned are no where near me. Who knows when I’ll get to get my hands on these babies! Until then, I will continue to pray for the parents, the babies and all the adjustments that come. It’s such an amazing, confusing, beautifully frustrating time!




2 responses

20 02 2009

They seem to come in packs!! 🙂 Have fun with all those babies!!

P.S.~If any of them need/want a slings, would you be open to pointing them my way? I hope that is not a sleezy, self-promoting thing to ask… 🙂
Oh, and I would really love to highlight your wraps on my blog sometime. I am wearing Caden on my back in my Ellaroo all the time and loving it!! 🙂

Hope today is better and full of lots of kids napping by themselves!!! As I type this, I have a 6month old non-napper clawing at my legs. 🙂

20 02 2009

Thanks Farrah – it’s a MUCH better day! whew!!!

I will definitely point them your way! I know the one due next month loves her wrap and I’m making a wrap for my friend due any minute now 😉 But if she desires a sling, I will definitely point her to you!

And thank you for the offer to highlight my wraps!! Let me get my etsy shop looking better than it is, and I will definitely take you up on that offer! 🙂 thank you!!!

And I’m sooo hoping I win that milk bank giveaway!!! I’ve got everything crossed! lol

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