Me want kitty!

5 02 2009

dsc01445I was tagged by Farrah (who makes and sells some BEAUTIFUL slings!!!) for this particular meme – where you go to the 4th folder in your pictures and find the 4th picture and post it with an explanation of the pic… and no cheating!

This is what came up! This was Keaton at almost 3 months, 4th of July weekend (07) at Zach’s parents house…his first time seeing a cat šŸ™‚ As I sit here and snuggle with him (almost 22 months) …this picture makes him look so teeny!!!!!

Oh…I need to tag!!!! Phronsie, Marcy, Brandi, and Heather! šŸ™‚




4 responses

6 02 2009

no! this long i’ve gone without being tagged! oh terra, you’ve broken the seal! sob!

6 02 2009

I love those eyes… like he is trying to figure out what it is and what he can do with it. So cute!
Thanks for playing! I knew if I tagged you, the pic would be entertaining. šŸ™‚

13 02 2009

I’ll do it….just not tonight. Haha. I’m behind on blog reading (and homework too). But I promise. I already looked to see what pic it’ll be…just gotta make time to get it on the ‘net. šŸ˜‰

10 03 2009

Bah, you tagged me and I didn’t see it till now, LOL! I’ll Facebook it. šŸ™‚

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