Weekend Wrap up

26 01 2009

We had a crazy busy weekend where I didn’t get ANYthing done at home, including this. B is going through the growth spurt of the century…so, real quick….

Angie at Auction Add-Ons reminded the importance of contacting our lawmakers about the ‘Feb. 10th’ law being passed re: lead testing for all items for children…

Cate at The Voice of Mom shared 5 great books for preschoolers

Solitary Dancer at Keep It Cheap shared a GREAT meal planning tool

Natural Childbirth shared 5 reasons you need a doula (ahem!!!) 🙂

PushedBirth shared info on complications and c-sections….

Michelle at Her Cup Overfloweth shared a blogroll (sorry to the other bloggers, I’ve not had 5 mins to check yours out yet! I’m coming!!!)

Cate at Nature’s Child Blog shared an alert for Virginians re: midwives

One of my newest, favorite blogs is Cake Wrecks (warning: it can be crass at times, but it is absolutely HYSTERICAL) here is a ‘wreck’ from this past week…(Thank you, Jen)

Kathy at Kathy Peterson’s Blog – her thoughts on Obama…and I couldn’t agree more…She also shared at her birth-blog (Woman to Woman Childbirth Education) anothers’ posts on why she wants to become a midwife




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