Weekend Wrap- Up

11 01 2009

I slacked off last weekend…it was my birthday…

It’s up late this weekend, because Wii got a Wii!!! Wii’ve been playing like crazy…but, here we go! This weeks’ starred items!

Just some things to consider while pregnant, thanks to birthfriend at Birthfriend’s place to ponder.

Ready to throw out all your kids’ new Christmas toys? (or is that just me?) Read this before taking any drastic measures! (Rachel at Small Notebook) She also shares how to beat the Monday’s (or just a bad day in general!)

Are you busy? Kristen of CoolMomPicks shared on The MomSpeak, some great organizers.

My wonderful mommy friend from church, Sylvia, shared some post-Christmas thoughts which apply for year-round!

Autumn at All About Cloth Diapers made understanding cloth diapering easy.

Kathy at Woman to Woman Childbirth Education shared a very interesting birth plan! She always has great things to share: like a ::GASP!!!:: Pitocin free child-birth – is it true?? (note my sarcasm too, PLEASE!) Also – are you a VBAC advocate (or am I the only one ‘crazy’ enough to do such a thing?)

Amy at Resourceful Mommy shared tips on what we’ve been battling for months….

Kathy at Real women. Real options. Real birth. shared some interesting info on ‘natural’ inductions (which just seems like an oxymoron in my mind…) And just to show how weird I am – this made me want to labor all over again…(and yes, I did say, moments after B was born, that I couldn’t wait to do that all over again…)


What were some of your favorite reads this week?




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