Giveaway – Mabel’s Labels – CLOSED

7 01 2009

camp-school-packThe Giveaway Connection, through, is launching their new giveaway site and are starting with a fabulous giveaway!

This giveaway is for Mabel’s Labels Camp/School Pack (a $34.00 value!) This pack includes 15 Sticky Labels, 40 Iron-Ons or 50 Tag Matesβ„’, 8 Shoe Labels, 2 Bag Tags. They are dishwasher/microwave-safe and UV resistant (the clothing labels are laundry safe).

The good news – there are 6 blogs hosting this giveaway. The better news – you can enter at all 6 blogs!!

Here’s the info for entering here:

This contest will run from Jan.7 – Jan.14 – at 12 noon (EST). At that time, a winner will be chosen via (a number generating website).

Please leave me a comment below telling me who would be using these labels (putting them on your child’s clothing, giving them as a gift, etc…) In your comment, please include a way to contact you.

Any posts that simply say, “Enter me!” will be discarded…yes, I’m making you work for this! πŸ˜‰

Want a 2nd entry here?? Suggest a tagline for my blog as I’m in desperate need of one! πŸ™‚

To see the other bloggers in this giveaway, click here.

Thanks for entering & good luck!!!!




58 responses

7 01 2009
Vickie Couturier

this is for my grandson,who will be starting school soon an will help old grandma keep up with his stuff

7 01 2009
Sara Amos

I have just started sewing – these would be PERFECT to put on my hand crafted work to give to folks so they remember where it came from!

7 01 2009

I’d use some when we move to label Xavi things. Inevitably he’d end up with some of the sticker type ones that he’d stick on everything, he finds stickers EVERYWHERE and I can’t figure out how, LOL!

Tagline: A tired mom’s thoughts; The Ramblings of a Mom on the Run

7 01 2009

i would definetly use these to label all the items that my son takes to school….coats, backpacks, lunchbags, etc.


7 01 2009
T with Honey

I really could use these for the clothing and winter boots and snow pants my daughter takes to school. But I may just give them away to my cousin who is currently in labor with her first child.

7 01 2009

These would be so great for my sons clothes since the daycare is forever mixing up his coats with other kids!

Thanks for the chance to win!

7 01 2009

I would probably keep them for Addie’s things as she gets older. But I do like the comment above using them for sewing things!

7 01 2009
jodi @ bpr

I would use them for both my son (he’s 2) and little girl who will be born any day now! πŸ™‚ would love to give this company a try! thanks!

7 01 2009

These would be for my daughters clothes and coats!

7 01 2009

I would use these for my twins who are starting a new school next month. Perfect for bookbags, lunch bags and coats!

7 01 2009

I would either use them for Rylan’s and Evan’s stuff for daycare, etc., or for my mom who loves to sew! πŸ™‚

7 01 2009
Amy H.

I would use these in my Middle School library. Book sacks, cartons, digital cameras, and even laptop computers are always being checked out. These labels would brighten up our Media Center and bring joy to our staff.

7 01 2009

kids school stuff

8 01 2009

Hi, Mabel’s Labels are wonderful. I would enjoy winning this pack of labels for my niece and nephew. Please enter me in your drawing. Many thanks…..Cindi

8 01 2009

I would use the iron-ons for my kid’s coats and jackets. They are always losing stuff at school!

8 01 2009
Elaine R

These would be great for when my son goes to camp!

8 01 2009

These will be for the hand-me-downs from my sister-in-law…I have these for my own kid’s clothes, but it would be nice to label and sort the hand-me-downs at the same time..I hate wrecking or losing anything someone loaned me!

8 01 2009

These will be put on my sons clothing and other items for the rest of the school year and then for summer camp. :o)

8 01 2009

Hi! I would love to win a set of Mabels Labels. We use them in our home ( I label eveything with them from my kids belongings to my tupperware that leaves my house!) My nephew loves backyardagins so I would love to get a set for him to have with Tyrone !!!

8 01 2009

LOVE your labels, I am in need of more as I have almost run out of the ones I bought in the fall.
I will be using these to tag clothing, shoes and lunch containers for school and camp in the summer

8 01 2009

I would absolutely love some labels. I have started to label everything to keep things straight between four busy boys. My boys would lose everything if it wasn’t for your labels. We haven’t lost one thing at school this year due to your awesome labels. I couldn’t do it without you! I would like to label mittens, hats, snow pants, lunch platic ware, lunchbags and most of all their clothing!

8 01 2009

I have a lot of things I could use these for! πŸ™‚ My kids backpacks, etc… for sure!

8 01 2009
Valerie Ralph

I have 2 kids who currently use Mabel’s Labels and I gave a bunch as Christmas gifts. The only person I forgot was me – I need some Mabel’s Labels for myself!


8 01 2009

I would be using them on my older son’s belongings. We go through these labels like nobody’s business because he insists on growing and changing his likes and dislikes. They are fantastic.

8 01 2009

I would love this so I can label my kids stuff! They are always losing things. I think my eldest has lost 2 coats this year!


8 01 2009
Susan Smith

I would use mabel labels items to put on all three of my kids’ items. I especially like the shoe labels and the labels for their hats and scarves. Susan Smith

8 01 2009

These are the best. I have not lost anything since i started using them. I am the only one at my Daycare using them. The sticky labels are my fav but the girls at the Daycare love the shoe labels!

8 01 2009

I love Mabel’s Labels!

8 01 2009

Ok, really – what’s the point of having cute stuff for your kids if it’s just gonna get lost? cause you KNOW they’re gonna put it down somewhere and forget about it. I work at a preschool and luckily have benefited from the neglected “lost & found”. Beautiful namebrand/expensive stuff…. if it only had a MABEL LABEL! I’d sure use them for all 3 of my kids!

Thanks for hosting this contest!

9 01 2009

My 6 year-old daughter would use these. I label everything with Sharpie marker, and I really hate when it bleeds from tags onto fabric… so this would be really awesome!

Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

9 01 2009
Julie Degen

We need these for my daughters who lose winter gear all the time. I need to buy gloves in bulk at the beginning of the season.

9 01 2009

I could really use these to attack the chaos that is in our house. I also loan out clothing for friends’ kids (and maternity items)…these labels would work great to make sure they find their way back here.

9 01 2009
Davina Perret

I’d use these for my two young children-sippy cups and jackets and bags.

9 01 2009

I would be using these for my son on everything he owns. =)

9 01 2009

I would label my sons things. My sister in law and I both have kids the same age and we are always trying to figure who’s toy or bottle is who’s. (we have a lot of the same things)

9 01 2009

I would probably order them for my son, who is the big “loser” in this family!

9 01 2009

I love these labels! I will use them for my second son who will start school this year. Since he drags EVERYTHING around with him, we often have his prized “things” go missing!!!

10 01 2009

I’m not giving these away if I win – no way!
I’m keeping them all for myself and tossing my Sharpie aside – no more writing on the tags of clothes for me! All of my daughter’s things would be labeled and then perhaps we wouldn’t lose so much stuff!!

10 01 2009

If I(we) win these labels, We are definitely keeping them. I have 2 children and they think that small items (gloves hats) are disposable. They also think that the thermos containers they have can be left wherever. I NEED these labels to keep track of everything. I love these labels.

10 01 2009

I have a set of labels for my daughter Roo but my son Jasper is just getting to the age where he will be having playdates and outings so I think I would get this set for him! The TagMates are super cool.

10 01 2009
Peggy Gorman

I would use these for my Mom’s clothing. From time to time she has been a patient in a nursing home to recoup and then go home,washing the clothes can and has been mixed up with other patients so this would be wonderful. Great giveaway

10 01 2009

I would be using these labels for my 2 kids for cups and clothing etc so we don’t loose anything at school or daycare!

10 01 2009

I would love to have these labels for my son. He will be starting day care soon and we need to label everything.

11 01 2009

I would put these on my daughter’s school stuff

11 01 2009

I love the Camp Pack. We got it for our son for school (18 mos) but now we have a little girl starting in the next couple of weeks and need to make sure her cute little pink stuff comes home with us!

stephanienicholas (at) comcast (dot) net

11 01 2009

My oldest starts kindergarten in the fall and these would be perfect for her!

11 01 2009
Miss Vicki

I would use these labels as a gift for my daughter and her two school aged girls to organize their lives. They are a busy two career family with lots of running between school activities and the name labels would get those important items back home after school!
Miss Vic

12 01 2009
Carrie H.

These would be for my daughter and her many many many clothes. They are mostly hand-me-downs, so covering up the labels already on there would be a great thing!

12 01 2009
Gina Stratos

I would use these for my kids. I love their Clothing Labels.

12 01 2009

My daughter is getting ready for daycare/preschool. Labeling Everything is a necessity πŸ™‚


12 01 2009

I would love to have these to label everything I’ll be sending with my daughter to daycare! Starting soon 😦

Thanks for the chance to win

13 01 2009

I would use them for things we take to daycare that seem to never make it back home! I would also use them for labeling items that we take to church so they stop putting all those ugly yard sale stickers on Hunter’s cups that leave the sticky mess that NEVER comes off!

Tag line: It’s a 24/7 job

13 01 2009

I would be using these to help organize my daughter’s stuff at daycare and at our gym classes! Thanks for this opportunity!

13 01 2009

I would use these to label my soon to be born daughter’s bottles, clothing, and other stuff at daycare.

13 01 2009

I soooooo love the Shoes Labels for my ds! Genius!

Thanks so much for this fabulous give~away! : )))


14 01 2009

These are fabulous! I would definitely be using them on my daughter’s things. She’s on swim team and between that & school, we always have questions of whose things are whose! Easily solved with these labels!

14 01 2009
kathy pease

i would use these for my son he is always losing maybe we can get some things

14 01 2009

I would use these for Jacob’s stuff – being the middle boy his stuff is always getting lost in the shuffle!

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