Weekend Wrap Up

20 12 2008

Here’s the wrap up from this week!

Thanks to Crystal Paine at Biblical Womanhood, hopefully, this is what we’ll be eating Christmas morning!

Just another reason to delay vaccinations (not starting a riot, but it applies GREATLY to our family!) Thank you Kathy! (via Kathy Peterson’s Blog). She also shared this great poem (also pertaining to vaccines). Why do I have this urge to print it and leave it at the pedi’s office when we go Monday? šŸ˜‰

Amber Johnson at Sugie Cookers made me want a craft room even more…

The same Kathy from above wrote on her other blog, Woman to Woman Childbirth Education, a post that stated legislation is trying to be passed through Congress to allow Medicaid to cover Birth Centers…::Naploeon Dynamite style:: YEsssssssssss! AND she made me super thankful for my amazing midwives, as well as the great care I received (despite my perception at the time).

Lisa at 5 Minutes for Mom shared this fun workout plan…After new years….after new years…

I knew honey was AMAZINGLY good for you and this summer, I even started buying local for the reason stated in this post, but Amy at Super Healthy Food for Super Healthy Kids blew me away with all these honey facts! She also shared great tips for getting kiddos to eatcouldn’t have come at a better time!

kellys at Thrifty Mommy amazed me…I tried every phone number I had memorized. Tell me if it doesn’t work for you!

My friend, Kristen, started a recipe blog, My Dinner Plans. I have to say, I’m stealing this idea for dinner.




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