Weekend Wrap-Up

12 12 2008

Here’s this weeks edition!

Heather, at Feasting Fun, posted a yummy recipe for Chicken Enchiladas. This is something I’ve always wanted to make, but never really had the guts to! This week! It’s on the menu! 🙂

Go Natural Baby Blog really busted my eco-friendly bubble – in a good way. They shared a (cute!) quiz (you get to make and dress a lil person!) to let you know how you were doing in terms of conservation and being eco-friendly.

A Savvy Mom at The MomSpeak shared some birthday party tips – very timely since I am going to start thinking about K’s 2nd birthday after Christmas!

Jen at Rolling Through Looneyville, One Wave at a Time posted some links to some pretty outrageous nativity scenes. I happened to read this about 230am when I couldn’t sleep. I thought I was going to wake the guys I was laughing so hard!

Lindsay at the Graco Blog posted information about a carseat – which just happens to be ours! Yikes!

FishMama at Life as Mom shared some great boy toys!

Christine at the Homemade Baby Food Recipes Blog shared some kitchen tips – who can have too many of those?!

Statia at Safemama.com provided some great idea on homeopathic cold and flu remedies.

whew! It was a great week for reading!




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