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12 12 2008

I started this blog to give me a chance to write. To just WRITE. Not to do almost daily updates of my kids, you can find that here. Not to write out my recipes, you can find that here. I didn’t intend on there being any giveaways on here, that’s why I started this blog. And this blog is where I have to write about specific things – being a SAHM (or a “som” as Zach calls it!)

I’d like to have a weekly plan here (you can see the startings of it on my 2nd side bar), not only so you, my readers (you are out there, right????) know what is coming (and what to look forward to, haha!) but to give me some direction.

I like linking to orgjunkie’s Menu Plan Monday. And I like doing my Weekend Wrap-up to share things I found interesting throughout the week – and give some ‘props’ to other bloggers out there.

I do plan to write about VBACs (why I chose one…other things about them if people want to hear about it), chiropractics (why I decided to see one throughout my second pregnancy and now take our children), vaccines (why we have chosen the schedule we have)…

I had one suggestion for babywearing and I covered all I could think of in these posts.

I just don’t know where to go from here.

So if you are really out there reading this, please, be my muse. Give me inspiration and a nudge towards what you would like to be reading. I read a ton (and I mean a TON of blogs) so I don’t want to spew back out what I’m reading all week. I want this to be different. Unique. My own. But right now, all I can think about is what we do all day…and you can get that somewhere else…

And don’t forget, I still need a new tagline for this blog! Enter the contest here. There’s only been one submission and it involves me getting pregnant again, haha! As much as I would love that, I would like to wait a bit for that! 😉




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18 12 2008

OK, I can think of a few things. You could write about any interesting books you have read or are reading. I am always looking for a good book. Everyone loves to see some sort of crafty things you make or ideas. You could write more about being a wife here as you talk about being a mom on your other blog. You could write about God… obvious. Like what you are studying and such. Those are my thoughts right now… if I think of others… I will be back! Love ya, girl! Oh, Oh, your tag line… hmmm… maybe thoughts from those of us who think… HA! Then you could have guest bloggers. Or… me being me… love, laughter, and craziness… let me think more!

18 12 2008

So this is probably a personal interest…but I’ve been married for a year and so many folks keep asking when we’ll have babies. A lot of people my age (married or not) are having babies or have set plans. This may not be something you really want to write about (or have and I missed it since I’m slow on the blog-reading uptake), but I like to hear from couples who have babies and how they decided the time was right, to have babies at all, etc. We’re talking more about it, but talking about waiting til I’m done with grad school/get more hours at work/hubby has a happier job/excuses, excuses. I agree with the comment above me- as a librarian, I think writing about books is a great idea. I love crafts, so another great idea. And something recently of interest to me more and more is how to actively involve church and God in your marriage. We attend church fairly regularly now and that’s a huge step for us. But I want us to do more and don’t really know where to start and how to approach those topics with hubby. As far as tag lines go, I’m at a loss for a blog title and tag line of my own! So I’m afraid I’m of no help there!!

19 12 2008

Thanks for the ideas ladies!!!! Lots of fun stuff there!! 🙂

20 12 2008
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