Weekend Wrap-Up

23 11 2008

My goal is to post this each weekend. I read a ton of blogs through Google Reader and I keep “starring” ones that I love. However, my “starred” box is quickly filling up (I don’t think there is a limit, there’s just a lot in that particular folder) 🙂 So, in order to keep that folder under control, I will share here some of my favorite reads from the week! To catch you up, here are some finds in my folder up until this point:

Green Baby Guide posted recipes for pregnant women and tired new moms

Having Fun at Home suggested a box with 13 fun items for toddlers to keep them busy!

No time for Flash Cards! gave a great tutorial on how to make crayons from candy molds!

Shortly after the election, girl talk posted this letter to our President-Elect.

Steph at Adventures in Babywearing asked everyone to link up their babywearing pictures for International Babywearing Week!

Natural Moms Talk Radio posted about an herbal first aid kit.

Keep It Cheap posted a google calculator that estimates how much you can save on energy in your home!




One response

23 11 2008
Rebecca (Green Baby Guide)

Thanks for linking to our peanut butter ball recipe. After Joy posted that, I started making them all the time, and I’m afraid I got addicted to the things. And I am not even pregnant, so I really didn’t need the extra calories!

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